Topical allusions in ABC to research

With a partner or a group of three, research the following topics. Create a GoogleDoc to take notes on your research of each topic. Share it with your partner(s).

Name the GoogleDoc:

8-# ABC Topical Allusions Group Members’ Names (First Name, Last Initial)

Example: 8-1 ABC Topical Allusions Lily R Eden E


Pat Oliphant

Chinese-American Spy Plane Crisis of 2001

Pat Oliphant’s political cartoon about the spy plane crisis

Long Duk Dong in the movie Sixteen Candles

Fu Man Chu books

William Hung on “American Idol”



Check out links here.

Check out the Yang page of this blog for more links.

Restrictive Portrayals of Asians in the Media and How to Balance Them from MANAA


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