Absolute Phrases

Absolute Phrases (pages 38-39 of the green grammar book) —

Give additional information or detail…About what is happening at that same time…Giving us a better picture of what is going on.

Absolutes are almost complete sentences; you can make an absolute a complete sentence by adding was or were.

Absolutes often start with possessive pronouns (my, his, her, its, our, their). Possessive pronouns can be stated (visible) or implied.

Practice Absolute Phrases —

Green grammar book homework for Monday 9/23:

Page 40 Practice 3

Page 41 Practice 4 — Write your own imitation of ALL THREE SENTENCES. Don’t just choose one; do ALL THREE.

Page 41-42 Practice 5

Please be sure to follow all of the instructions. Again, for Practice 4, write your own imitation for ALL THREE.

Type or handwrite on paper. Please do not write in the book.

Need help with Absolutes? Look at the links on the writing page of the blog.


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