The Adventures of the Monkey King (25 points – due Monday 9/30)

Create your own comic about the Monkey King.  You may depict a scene from Journey to the West, explore what happens before or after the events of American Born Chinese, or write an original story.  Just stay true to the essence of the Monkey King.  Be creative and take risks, even if you don’t think of yourself as “artistic.”  Your work is evaluated for artistic effort and integrity!


  • Must be at least six panels long. The size and arrangement of your panels is up to you.
  • Must be in color.  If you create your comic on the computer, either print in color or print and then color in by hand.
  • Must use at least TWO ABC vocabulary words. Show you know what the words mean and how to use them appropriately.
  • Spelling, grammar, and mechanics count! Write rough drafts and proofread as you would for any writing assignment before creating your final draft.
  • You will turn in a hard copy, so if you create on the computer, please print!

Due Date: Monday, September 30th.


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