Citing Your Sources.

For the Life and Times of Poe Project:

Within your entries, if you use a source’s exact words or phrases or if you use a source’s original ideas that you would not find anywhere else, you must use quotation marks if appropriate and cite the source in the paragraph. If you are citing general information, like his birthday or the day of his death or information that can be found in multiple sources, you do not have to cite the source in the paragraph, but rather you can just include the source on the bibliography.

Cite your sources using attributive tags!

  • Whenever you use information you’ve found in a source, you need to explain where the information is from.  This is called “citing.”
  • The first time you use a source in your essay, introduce the source with a little more detail.   Give the name of the source, the name of the author, and any additional important information.
  • Every time you quote or paraphrase information from a source, cite the information with at least the author’s name, or if no author, the title.  You need to do so whether you are directly quoting or paraphrasing your source.
  • If you are quoting a source word for word or if you are using a word or phrase that you found in your source, you must use quotation marks.
  • Use MLA style to cite your sources!  If you are citing an online source, you may not have a page number to include.

Good attributive tags for citing information:

According to  __________, author of the book __________, . . . (pg#).

In the article __________, author __________ explains that . . . (pg#).

The website __________ states that . . .

On the website __________, author __________ writes that . . .

__________, author of the webpage __________, states that . . .

The webpage __________ suggests that . . .

Change up the way you introduce your sources and cite your information!

See examples of effective topic sentences and attributive tags here.


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