“The Tell-Tale Heart” Criminal Minds – New due date: Thurs 10/24.


Utilize the Interrogation Report (Tell-Tale Heart Interrogation Report) to submit your work to the precinct captain via GoogleDocs. Upload your final Word doc to GoogleDocs and share it with me: lbarthwalczak@ga.usmk12.org.

Label your GoogleDoc: 8-# Criminal Minds Detectives Names.

Example: 8-1 Criminal Minds Detectives Lily R and Liam C

You and your partner are both seasoned, street-smart members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, “an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country’s most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again.” You’ve been called to a grisly crime scene to interrogate a murder suspect. Walking in, all you know is that the suspect is accused of murdering an elderly man, and when the cops found him, he was yelling about some kind of heartbeat…

With your partner, submit an Interrogation Report.  Answer the following questions in the “Narrative of Interrogation” section. Write in first-person point of view in the voice of an FBI profiler.

1. One of your first priorities is to establish whether or not you can believe what the suspect tells you. Explain what behaviors, language, or other signals you look for to determine whether or not the suspect is telling the unmitigated truth. How will you be able to tell whether or not you can trust the suspect’s version of events?

2. Explain your first impressions of the suspect. Re-read the first paragraph of “The Tell-Tale Heart” (page 74). What does it tell us about the narrator? What later event(s) does it foreshadow?

3. The suspect continually insists that he’s not “mad.” Look through the story and find THREE separate times when the narrator insists he is not mad. Copy the sentences with the page numbers on your interrogation report.  How does he seem to define “madness,” or in other words, what does the suspect identify as the characteristics of madness? Does his definition of “madness” match your own understanding of madness as a criminal profiler? Why or why not?

4. The suspect describes the police officers who discovered his crime. The narrator says the officers “chatted pleasantly, and smiled” (page 78). Does this description seem plausible to you — do you think the officers would agree with this description? What do you think the police officers in the story were thinking when they were with the narrator?

5. What is your final analysis of the crime scene and the suspect? What insight do you have into his mind? In other words, what do you think were his true motives, why do you think he committed the crime, and do you think he would strike again?

Tell-Tale Heart Interrogation Report


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