Topic Sentences and Attributive Tags (for citing sources)

Remember, every paragraph includes a clear, concise, interesting, intriguing TOPIC SENTENCE. Check out these examples:

  • Edgar Allan Poe’s early life was far from what one would imagine a world-class author would have. — Walter
  • Edgar Allan Poe had a scarring, traumatic childhood; it was certainly far from perfect. – Maya
  • Edgar Allan Poe had a remarkably tough childhood, but through the hardships, he led a mysterious, but incredible, life. – Logan
  • Edgar Allan Poe had a dismal childhood, a childhood that influenced him to become one of the greatest horror authors in American literature. – Anshul
  • An American author, poet, and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe experienced a mysterious life. – Arianna
  • Edgar Allan Poe had a dismal childhood, becoming orphaned from extreme poverty. – Cole and DJ
  • A great American horror story author, Edgar Allan Poe came from a rough background that was continuously changing. – Charlotte and Liz
  • Although Edgar Allan Poe had a difficult childhood, he pursued his dreams and became an author.  – Nick and Nate
  • The mysterious writer Edgar Allan Poe went through a very traumatic and heartbreaking childhood. – Tommy and Brandon
  • Edgar Allan Poe, one of the greatest American horror writers, had a very tragic, traumatic childhood. – Danny
  • Throughout the world, Edgar Allan Poe is known for his frightening and twisted stories, which play on human fears, weaknesses, and emotions. However, every story has a beginning, and Poe’s story begins with a horrid, tragic childhood. – Emma S and Jo
  • The childhood of Edgar Allan Poe, famous nineteenth century writer, was painful and tragic and had an everlasting impact on his writing and his life. – Matthew and Will Ko
  • A great American author, Edgar Allan Poe had a sorrowful and harrowing childhood. – Leo and Will V
  • Edgar Allan Poe is famous today for his twisted tales of astounding depth and phenomenal, but often gruesome, detail. However, everyone has a backstory, and Poe’s life was difficult from the very beginning. – Kai S
  • Mystery, horror, sadness. Edgar Allan Poe, an American horror author, experienced a very tragic childhood. – Jaci
  • Edgar Allan Poe did not have an idea childhood, as he lose many loved ones and faced poverty. – Eva
  • Edgar Allan Poe was a man of much character and grief, as tragedy follow dim in every step of his life. – Hans and Amer

Also be sure to cite your sources within your paragraphs using ATTRIBUTIVE TAGS. Check out these examples:

NOTE: If you are citing a website, cite the NAME of the website, not the URL.

  • According to the website, Poe’s parents’ separation and death must have caused him a lot of sadness and strife early on. – Maya
  • According to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum’s website, John Allan was a wealthy man and sent young Edgar to many places and good schools; although Edgar always loved poetry, his adoptive father never supported it. – Nyle
  • John Allan was a successful merchant, so Poe grew up in good surroundings, according to the website. Still, Poe’s relationship with his adoptive father had its rough patches. – Liz and Charlotte
  • According to Edgar Allan Poe A to Z by Dawn B. Sova, the influence his adoptive parents was a healthier one than his birth parents had. – Sophie and Kaitlyn
  • According to Karen E. Lange, author of Nevermore, Edgar Allan Poe’s adoptive parents influenced him with a stern hand but also protected him, including defending him against the truth and reality of his parents’ death. – Emma S and Jo
  • According to the website, Poe grew up in friendly surroundings, and John Allan provided him with quality schooling at an early age; this early education may have greatly influenced Poe’s writing. – Will K and Matthew M
  • The Edgar Allan Poe Museum’s website states that John Allan was a wealthy tobacco merchant, and that is the reason Edgar was able to attend a very good quality school to learn to study poetry.
  • According to Edgar Allan Poe by Thomas Streissguth, Poe’s father David Poe was very distant and left his family the same year his wife, Poe’s mother, passed away.

Find more information about citing sources here.


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