Division and Reunion Vocabulary

Click here for the list of words, definitions, and synonyms/antonyms: Division & Reunion Vocabulary Master List

Please look up the following words on your Mac dictionary. Record the word, part of speech, and definition in your vocabulary notes.

assimilate — two verb definitions


dilapidated — adjective form only





quaver — noun AND verb

surmise — verb form only

tarry — verb form only


7 thoughts on “Division and Reunion Vocabulary

  1. he was speaking in a different language that sounded very
    the house I was living was so dirty that it looked like it was
    I heard a in her voice so I knew she was lying

  2. 1. The boy crawled to through the crumbling and ________ building looking for his cat.
    2. The college boy babbled ________ after taking five shots of tequila.
    3. The girl fringed after eating the _______ bowl of rice.
    By: Liam and Yousef

  3. Cassie, Elaine, Amanda–
    The boy was ___________ because his sister got more presents than him for Christmas.
    The burger was ___________ because it only had the patty and the bun.
    After seeing her little brother die in her arms, her arms ________ed with sorrow.

  4. My Japanese cousin had to ________ into American culture.
    The creepy, ramshackle, ________ building on the end of the street was rumored to be haunted.
    The woman’s voice ________ as she told her children that their father died.

  5. 1. The woman let out a ________ cry at her mother’s funeral.
    2. After looking at her own ______ painting, the artist realized she really needed an inspiration.
    3. There was a _______ in his voice as the blood tainted man stalked towards him.

  6. The house, with it’s broken down walls, is _______ and in disrepair.
    The ______ look on my face was extremely noticeable, since he pushed me down.
    Tofu is a very _____, however it can taste great with some foods.

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