Notes about Haiku

Haikus do the following:

    • Capture the moment; capture the intensity of a specific moment, not a general time.
    • Focus on the concrete, real world, not the abstract realm of inner thoughts and feelings.
    • Traditionally involve nature and suggest a season.  World view is one in which nature and the observer are one, not separate.

Pattern for Haiku:

3 lines, 17 syllables

    • 1st line – 5 syllables
    • 2nd line – 7 syllables
    • 3rd line – 5 syllables


Past Student Haikus:

“The Lesson”

A fluttering glide,

The duck and drake race ahead,

The ducklings pursue.


“The Stalker”

Perched in the willow,

The owl surveys his target,

A night shadow swoops.


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