Sonnet Project (200 points)

Yes, you are going to write a sonnet. I know you can do it! Your subject? LOVE.  But “love” doesn’t have to mean romantic love. It could be your passion for the game of football or for riding competitions, your dedication to the violin or the stage, your love for your family or your dog, your undying devotion to chocolate chip cookies, your favorite stuffed animal, or your favorite video game. Your topic is LOVE in the abstract – you may make it concrete in any way you want.

Please follow the traditional patterns for English sonnets listed below.

Remember, iambic pentameter is like your heartbeat:

da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM…

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?…

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

If you are using a multisyllabic word (word with more than one syllable), the stress has to fall on the syllable that is normally stressed when you say the word out loud. You may not change how the word is said in order to fit your poem.

The English Sonnet

  • 14 lines in Iambic Pentameter.
  • Three quatrains and a couplet.
  • First three stanzas:  Quatrains (four lines each).
    • Rhyme scheme:  abab cdcd efef.
    • Quatrains tell the story.
  • Last stanza:  Couplet (two lines).
    • Rhyme scheme:  gg.
    • Couplet can make the final statement OR it can turn a corner and contradict the quatrains. You do not have to have a volta in your sonnet.

Sonnet Composition Worksheet

As you did with your haiku project, create a poster for your sonnet. Your poster should be on regular 8.5×11 paper. It should include a large image that relates to your sonnet in some way. Your poem should be in at least 16 pt. font. Please feel free to be creative with your poster!

Additionally, create a glogster for your sonnet. Include images and other multimedia that relate to and highlight your sonnet. Your glogster should be creative and original, engaging, and visually appealing. It should also be clean, neat, and easy to navigate and follow. If you would like to create other multimedia to embed in your glogster, such as an xtranormal or a voiki, please feel free; however, no matter what you create, please keep the tone in line with your poem. Create a link to your glogster on the blog; please be sure your link works! (If you would like to create something other than a glog, check with me.)

Note: If it works, a printed copy of your glogster can serve as your poster. By “if it works,” I mean if it is easy to read, if the font is large enough, and so on…







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