For Monday 3/3/14.

Hi, 8th graders. I won’t be at school on Monday. Please work with Mr. Gonring on the following…

Frost-Bly Stopping-Driving Paragraph

One to two paragraphs comparing and contrasting Frost and Bly poems. The instructions are on the handout.

You may choose to work alone or with one partner. There cannot be a group of three.

Remember, this assignment is giving me a snapshot of your skills so that I can evaluate and discuss your skills at Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences. Thus, you are very highly encouraged to put forth your very best effort, quality, and focus.

This is NOT due at the end of the period, and it is NOT homework. It’s an in-class writing assignment. We will return to it tomorrow. You should NOT work on it as homework.

English 8-5 — I know we’re a bit behind on sonnets, but we will get caught up next week. For today (Monday 3/3), work on this assignment for conferences.



For all classes except 8-5 (6th period):

Typed final draft of sonnet, poster, and link to glog/video/other added to “Sonnet Glogs” post on class website due Tuesday 3/4. Double-check to make sure your link works.

For English 8-5 (6th period): Keep working on sonnets.


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