If You Think You’re Anonymous Online, Think Again

Hey, 8th graders — kind of a follow-up to the discussion we had last week in Advising…

Parenting in the Digital Age

If You Think You’re Anonymous Online, Think Again

I just listened to this really great piece on NPR.  Julia Angwin was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.  She is now writing for an independent news organization ProPublica.

It is quite alarming how much information that is gathered about a person digitally.  From how many Google searches are done in a specific time frame and from what you are purchasing on-line.

One very interesting statement that I found was that each time you land on a page on the internet, you are being tracked and also your identity is being auctioned by a data broker.  Records are getting much more precise so that retailers and data brokers can then customize ads for you within seconds.

Did you know that the most used password for the past decade has been 123456.  Now that is a terrible password.  If you have…

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