Preparation for and Reflection on English for Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Paragraph on Frost’s “Stopping by Woods…” and Bly’s “Driving to Town…”

Now that you have completed your paragraph (alone or with your writing partner), you will exchange work with a peer review partner and help each other identify four important parts of your responses.

  • Introduction of the poems (poem titles, poets’ names) = italics.
  • Specific thesis (exactly what they will prove in their paragraph) = bold.
  • At least four examples (evidence, meaning quotes from the poems) = underline each.
  • Conclusion (wraps up the paragraph) = italics.

If you cannot find these things, they may be missing. Let the writer know.

Then, read your peer review partner’s work for its fluency, sentence variety, word choice, grammar, mechanics, and so on. Help one another put together the best paragraph you possibly can.

When you have read one another’s work, discuss your paragraphs together. Ensure your paragraph is complete and successfully meets the expectations and requirements of the writing assignment.


Reflection on English Class

Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on where we are and where we’re going in English. On loose-leaf, please address the following questions in a paragraph format in complete sentences.

Please write neatly and legibly.

Again, please write in paragraph format in complete sentences.

What are the skills, habits, and knowledge you need to be successful in critically reading, thinking, and writing — not just in English class but in assignments in all of your classes?

What are the three skills or habits you feel most confident and most comfortable in?

What skills, habits, or knowledge are you still struggling with?

How would you describe and evaluate your attitude, behavior, participation, and engagement in class activities and discussions?

Set at least two goals for yourself for the remainder of the school year. What do you hope to accomplish in the last few months of English?


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