Act II Scene 1 Lines 1-187.

Read the first part of Act II Scene 1 with your guild. In your guild, annotate your own books with the answers to the following questions. You may also choose to handwrite your answers on loose-leaf. However, you may not use your laptops or type. (I want to know what YOU think, not what you find when you Google this stuff.)

Don’t get frustrated. Do your best. And don’t forget to use the notes in the column on the left of the page!


1. Look at what the fairy says to Puck in lines 32-42. What pranks does Puck pull?

2. When Puck responds in lines 43-58, what three additional pranks does Puck tell the fairy about?

3. When Oberon and Titania meet, what do they accuse one another of? (See lines 60-80).

4. Because Oberon and Titania are fighting and the fairy world is in disarray, what is happening in the human world? (See lines 81-117).

5. What are Oberon and Titania fighting about? (See lines 118-137 and lines 18-31)).

6. What is Oberon’s plan for getting back at Titania? What do he and Puck plan to do? (See lines 155-187).



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