Act II Scene 2 lines 41-162

For your next performance, you will portray Act II Scene 2 lines 41-162. You’ll need a Demetrius, Helena, Lysander, Hermia, and Puck.

In your scene, please pay especially close attention to your stage directions! Where actors stand/sit/lay down and how they both physically and verbally interact with one another is very important in this scene.

As always, be sure you hit the most important parts of the scene, including:

  • Lysander and Hermia’s arrangements to spend the night in the forest.
  • Puck anointing Lysander’s eyes.
  • Demetrius and Helena coming through and fight.
  • Helena finding Lysander and waking him up.
  • Lysander falling in love with Helena, Helena accusing him of teasing her, Helena running off, and Lysander following.

Any lines Puck says must rhyme! Puck must talk in rhyming couplets.
aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, gg, hh, ii, jj, kk…

If you’re up for it, write the entire script in rhyming couplets.

Remember, I want to know what your guild thinks, not what Google thinks.


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