In your new English folder, create a document called:

8-# (your section number) English Reflection your name

example: 8-1 English Reflection Lily R.


Then, answer the following questions. Please write with detail and specificity. I will take your reflections into consideration as I determine your final grade in 8th grade English.


1. Make a Top 5 list of things you’ve learned in 8th grade English.

2. Think back over the texts we’ve read this year. What words of the wiser did you encounter? How do these themes relate to you or your life?

3. What did you come to understand in the process of creating your final project (your monologue)? About the novel? About the history? About the world?

4. Explain how you went about creating your monologue. How did you capture the character? How did you find a purpose or make a point? How did you learn their voice? Now that you know your character so well, tell us about him or her. What is his or her single-most important characteristic?

5. Compose a haiku summarizing your experience in 8th grade English.


This reflection is due on Monday 6/9.


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