In class today (Friday 4/29)…

Your target display on Boo Radley’s gifts for Scout and Jem is due Monday.

As you’re working on it today, consider something our visiting friend from France, Ava, said: in Greek myth, when the Fates cut a person’s twine, the person dies…  Please see page 320 in your books as you’re thinking about everything Boo gave the kids! 

If you finish, move on to the next target display on “One-Shot Finch.” First, read through the pages listed ON YOUR OWN. What do YOU see? Then, you may choose to grab a partner, but it cannot be the same person you worked with on the Radley Tree. 

This is tough stuff — definitely Upper School-level literary analysis. Take your time. Read closely. Think critically. You should definitely feel challenged! That’s good! 


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