Everything you need for Tuesday 4/15.

Watch video of Act III Scene 1.

(If the video doesn’t work, use the DVD on my desk. Watch chapters 10-15. The laptop will need to be connected directly to the SmartBoard, not through AppleTV, to watch the DVD.)

Write your scripts for Act III Scene 2.

Study for a vocabulary quiz on “cunning” through “compel” on WEDNESDAY 4/16.


ENGLISH 8-4 AND 8-5:




Act III Scene 2 Scripts and Performances

Yes… it’s time… This is the scene where Demetrius and Lysander try to beat each other up and Helena and Hermia go at each other full of fury. This is the big fight scene. And it’s what you’re going to script out and perform next.

You will WRITE your scripts in your guilds, but you will not necessarily perform your script with your members! That means everyone’s scripts need to be thorough and understandable because someone else might get it handed to them to perform.

Here’s what happens in this scene:

  • Puck tells Oberon that he managed to get Titania to fall in love with a donkey! They’re both thrilled.
  • They see Demetrius and Hermia. Hermia is accusing Demetrius of doing something to Lysander. Demetrius, angry, says he did not do anything to Lysander.
  • Hermia storms off, and Demetrius decides to rest.
  • Oberon, furious at Puck, tells Puck to fix the mess he’s made.
  • Oberon annoints Demetrius’s eyes while Puck goes off to find Helena and lead Helena to Demetrius.
  • Helena, followed by Lysander, enter — they wake up Demetrius — Demetrius wakes up… aaaaaaaand…
  • Demetrius falls madly in love with Helena.
  • Helena accuses both boys of mocking her and teasing her.
  • Both boys completely denounce (abjure!) their love for Hermia… aaaaaaaand…
  • Hermia enters. Lysander rejects Hermia and Hermia freaks out.
  • Helena thinks Hermia is part of the big joke, too — she thinks Hermia is teasing her, too.
  • Hermia thinks Helena has stolen Lysander away from her.
  • The boys go after one another, determined to prove which one loves Helena more.
  • The girls go after one another, fighting over the boys. Helena teases Hermia’s short stature, and Hermia teases Helena’s height.
  • Puck thinks all this mayhem is AWESOME, but Oberon tells him he’s made a mess of everything and needs to fix it by getting everyone rounded up and back to sleep.
  • Puck leads the lovers around the forest by imitating the lovers’ voices so that they’ll follow him. Eventually, he gets them all in the same place.
  • The lovers fall asleep, and now — you and your guild need to figure out what happens from lines 448-464 (page 56).

That’s a lot to cover! But it’s a lot of fun stuff to cover. And here’s where I’m gonna make it a little harder on ya —

Everything is in rhyme. The majority of it — meaning I’ll let ya slide here and there — should be in rhyming couplets. Check out how Shakespeare did it. For the mot part, it’s in rhyme, so for the most part, yours should be, too.

Have FUN with this one. But keep it clean!

Act II Scene 2 lines 41-162

For your next performance, you will portray Act II Scene 2 lines 41-162. You’ll need a Demetrius, Helena, Lysander, Hermia, and Puck.

In your scene, please pay especially close attention to your stage directions! Where actors stand/sit/lay down and how they both physically and verbally interact with one another is very important in this scene.

As always, be sure you hit the most important parts of the scene, including:

  • Lysander and Hermia’s arrangements to spend the night in the forest.
  • Puck anointing Lysander’s eyes.
  • Demetrius and Helena coming through and fight.
  • Helena finding Lysander and waking him up.
  • Lysander falling in love with Helena, Helena accusing him of teasing her, Helena running off, and Lysander following.

Any lines Puck says must rhyme! Puck must talk in rhyming couplets.
aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, gg, hh, ii, jj, kk…

If you’re up for it, write the entire script in rhyming couplets.

Remember, I want to know what your guild thinks, not what Google thinks.

Act II Scene 1 Lines 1-187

Write a script for Act II Scene 1 lines 1-187, hitting the most important parts of the scene, including:

  • The fairy and Puck meet and talk about Puck’s reputation.
  • Puck begins to explain why Oberon and Titania are fighting.
  • Oberon and Titania meet and accuse one another of being unfaithful.
  • Titania explains what is happening in the mortal world because of the discord in the fairy world.
  • Oberon tells Titania what she has to do to stop the fighting, and Titania responds.
  • After Titania storms off, Oberon comes up with a plan.
  • Oberon and Puck discuss the plan and begin to put it into action.

You may write in modern English with one little twist… write in rhyming couplets.

aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, gg, hh, ii, jj, kk…

If you’re up for it, write the entire script in rhyming couplets. If you’re not up for the challenge, choose at least one of the sections below to write in rhyme:

  • Fairy and Puck meeting and talking.
  • Titania explaining what’s wrong in the mortal world.
  • Oberon and Puck discussing Oberon’s plan for getting back at Titania.

For now, I won’t hold it against you if it’s not in iambic pentameter, as long as it rhymes. :)

Remember, I want to know what your guild thinks, not what Google thinks.


Act II Scene 1 Lines 1-187.

Read the first part of Act II Scene 1 with your guild. In your guild, annotate your own books with the answers to the following questions. You may also choose to handwrite your answers on loose-leaf. However, you may not use your laptops or type. (I want to know what YOU think, not what you find when you Google this stuff.)

Don’t get frustrated. Do your best. And don’t forget to use the notes in the column on the left of the page!


1. Look at what the fairy says to Puck in lines 32-42. What pranks does Puck pull?

2. When Puck responds in lines 43-58, what three additional pranks does Puck tell the fairy about?

3. When Oberon and Titania meet, what do they accuse one another of? (See lines 60-80).

4. Because Oberon and Titania are fighting and the fairy world is in disarray, what is happening in the human world? (See lines 81-117).

5. What are Oberon and Titania fighting about? (See lines 118-137 and lines 18-31)).

6. What is Oberon’s plan for getting back at Titania? What do he and Puck plan to do? (See lines 155-187).


Act I Scene 1 Lines 128-251.

Key moments in the last part of Act I Scene 1:

  • Lysander and Hermia talk about love and devise a plan.
  • Helena enters and laments that Demetrius loves Hermia, not her.
  • Hermia tells Helena their plan.
  • Helena decides to do something with this information about the plan.

Compose a script and perform this scene!

Need: Lysander, Hermia, Helena

Write your own script, hitting the most important moments in this scene. You do not need to go line by line; just be sure to hit the important stuff.

You may write in modern English.

Shakespeare Vocabulary

cunning – adj and n

abjure – v

austerity – two different n

idolatry – n

edict -n

transpose – v

perjure -v

gallant – two different adj

condole – v

wanton – three different adj

quaint – adj

progeny – n

chide – v

disdainful – adj

languish – two different v

surfeit – n

heresy -n

prologue – three different n

entreat – v

compel – v

discord – n

concord – n

expound – v

paragon – n

apprehend – two different v