yang on stereotypes

“Gene Yang on Stereotypes”

Click for Gene Yang on Stereotypes

Guiding Questions for one paragraph (8-12 sentences) response to “Gene Yang on Stereotypes”:
1. What do you think Gene Yang means when he writes, “Every time Asian America thinks it’s finally time to breathe easy, the doorbell rings and we find Cousin Chinkee on the doorstep with a piece of take-out box luggage in each hand”?
2. Gene Yang writes, “…sometimes you have to exaggerate to get your point across.” How does Cousin Chin-Kee demonstrate that “Sometimes a stereotype needs to be dressed up in bright yellow skin and a queue in order for folks to recognize its severity”?
3. What do you think — does acknowledging a stereotype perpetuate it?


Rex Reed’s review of “Old Boy”

Queue hairstyle


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