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Click for Gene Yang on Stereotypes.

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monkey links

Monkey Kingdom — Gene Yang’s tribute to the Monkey King
The Monkey King: Journey to the West retold by Aaron Sheppard
Monkey’s World — from the website for the opera Monkey Journey to the West
Monkey Journey to the West’s myspace page
A Middle School Curriculum on the Monkey King
Monkey King at Encyclopedia Mythica
Take the quiz — which character from Journey to the West are you?

yang linksGene Yang as the Monkey King

Comics and Other Stuff by Gene Yang
The Blog of Gene Luen Yang
Gene Luen Yang at First Second Books
Gene Yang, Guest Blogger at First Second Books
American Born Chinese at First Second Books
Asian American Comics: Gene Yang Archives
YALSA Podcast #18 – Interview with Gene Yang
Growing Up Chinese American, Graphically Interview with Gene Yang on NPR’s The Bryant Park Project
The Trades Interview with Gene Yang
The Cybils 2008 Interview with Gene Yang
Sequential Tart Interview with Gene Yang
Life, Religion, & Making Comics: Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese at comicon.com
The Second Life of Gene Yang at Asia Pacific Arts (UCLA Asia Institute)

prime baby

Gene Yang published a short graphic novel in the Funny Pages of The New York Times! It’s about a boy who isn’t very happy when his baby sister is born… Check it out here.

the eternal smile

The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim
The Daily Cross Hatch Interview with Gene Yang
Graphic Novel Reporter Interview with Gene Yang and Derek Kirk Kim

level up

Level Up by Gene Luen Yang
Click here for a comic strip that explains the origins of the story in Level Up. Super cool — and super relatable, I bet.
An interview with Gene Yang on Level Up in Publishers Weekly
Review of Level Up in The New York Times (that’s big time!)
A review of Level Up on BoingBoing
Gene Yang at Comic Con 2011!

boxers and saints

Washington Post article on Boxers and Saints long list nomination for 2013 National Book Award — “GENE LUEN YANG is the first cartoonist to be a National Book Award finalist for his graphic novel. Now, as of this week, his publisher says he’s also the first graphic novelist to be nominated for a second such award.”

LA Times interview with Gene Yang on Boxers and Saints

Entertainment Weekly interview with Gene Yang on Boxers and Saints

Wired interview with Gene Yang on Boxers and Saints

asian-americans in the media

Center for Asian American Media

The  “Tiger Mom” debate — “On Asian Parenting: ‘Level Up’ Seeks Middle Ground”

Restrictive Portrayals of Asians in the Media and How to Balance Them from MANAA

Asian Americans in the Media

Fox Sports cancels show that mocked Asians at USC

Linsanity: Jeremy Lin’s Rise to Stardom

Is “Gangnam Style” a Hit Because of Our Asian Stereotypes?

Fox Asked to Re-Shoot “Racist” Scene in “Dads” Sitcom

Dueling Stereotypes: Bad Asian Drivers, Good at Everything

“Walking Dead” Star Steven Yeun on Resisting Asian Stereotypes

other important links for ABC

Meng’s Mother Moved Three Times
Mencius’s Mother Cut Threads on the Loom
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Mencius
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Confucius
Wikipedia entry on Mencius
The Works of Mencius
“Mencius and his Mother: A Lesson Drawn from Weaving”
Wikipedia article on the Mid-Autumn Festival

gorillaz’s stage musical “Monkey: Journey to the West”

“The Monkey King, Gorillaz style”
MJTTW YouTube channel


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